House of Philia for Nordsjö


In love with the light grey shades House Of Philia created for her house, that Nordsjö later picked up and added to their line. Amazing work by HoP and good move Nordsjö! I really like when companies get it. This is what the customers want, they’re asking for it, let’s just add it to all our shops because it’s obviously awesome. Amazing! For the new HOUSE we just got I’m thinking of getting our livingroom painted in the HoP Nordsjö color Light Grey or Grey Sand.

I’m also still really into black and white vertical stripes for hallways and smaller spaces. I think it looks very Pareeee and luxe as hell. Another shade on my mind is Gun Metal Grey. Dark grey shades, borderline black greys. Seriously pretty stuff! You can tell the all white trend that’s been going strong in scandinavian, minimalist homes are slowly going adding more “color”. Grey and darkblue hues in particular. I’m digging it!